1 service offer

The Account / Depot Owner and its authorized agents may conduct banking transactions through online banking to the extent offered by the Bank. In addition, they can retrieve information from the bank via online banking. The holder of a payment account and his authorized representative are additionally entitled to initiate a payment initiation service for the triggering of a payment order.

2 Requirements for using online banking

In order to use the Online Banking, the Participant requires the Personal Security Features and Payment Instruments agreed with the Bank in order to identify itself to the Bank as an Eligible Participant and to authorize orders. Instead of a personalized security feature, a biometric feature of the subscriber may also be agreed for the purpose of authentication or authorization.

Personalized security features

Personalized security features are personalized features that the bank provides to the subscriber for authentication or authorization.

Personalized security features, which can also be alphanumeric, include:

– the personal identification number (PIN),

– single-use transaction numbers (TAN),

– the usage code for the electronic signature.

payment instruments

Payment instruments are personalized instruments or procedures

the use of which has been agreed between the Bank and the Account Holder and which the Participant uses to place an online banking order. In particular, by means of the following payment instruments, the personalized security feature (eg TAN) can be made available to the subscriber:

– PIN letter,

– TAN generator, which is part of a chip card or another

electronic device for generating TAN is (chipTAN),

– Online banking app on a mobile device (eg mobile phone)

for receiving or generating TAN,

– Mobile terminal (eg mobile phone) to receive TAN via SMS


– Chip card with signature function or

– Other payment instrument with signature keys.

Access to online banking

The participant gains access to online banking when

The subscriber has transmitted the account number or his individual subscriber identifier and his PIN or electronic signature or has inserted his biometric feature,

– the verification of such data by the bank has given the participant an access authorization, and

– there is no block of access.

After granting access to online banking, the subscriber may retrieve information or place orders.

Rates 1 and 2 also apply when payment orders are triggered by a payment initiation service and payment account information is requested through an account information service.

Online banking jobs

Order placement and authorization

The Participant must authorize online banking orders (eg, wire transfers) to be effective with the Bank-provided Personalized Security Feature (such as TAN or electronic signature) or with the agreed biometric security feature, and provide the Bank with online banking information. Banking, unless otherwise agreed with the Bank. The bank confirms the receipt of the order via online banking.

The first and second sentences shall also apply if the holder of a payment account and his authorized representative initiate and transmit payment orders via a payment initiation service (see Number 1, paragraph 1, sentence 3).

Withdrawal of orders

The revocability of an online banking order depends on the conditions applicable to the respective order type (eg conditions for the transfer transaction). The revocation of orders can only

Be made outside the online banking, unless the bank provides a revocation option in online banking expressly.

Processing of online banking orders by the bank

The online banking orders are processed at the business days announced for the processing of the respective order type (eg bank transfer) on the bank’s online banking page or in the “Price and Service List” as part of the orderly course of work. If the order is received after the time specified on the Bank’s online banking page or specified in the “Price and Performance Schedule” (Acceptance Period) or if the date of receipt does not fall on a Business Day in accordance with the Bank’s “List of Prices and Services”, then the order is deemed to have been received on the following business day. Editing begins on this day.

The bank will execute the order if the following conditions apply:

– The participant has authorized the order.

– The authorization of the participant for the respective order type (eg security order) exists.

– The online banking data format is complied with.

– The separately agreed online banking reserve limit is not exceeded.

– The other execution requirements according to the relevant conditions for the respective order type (eg adequate account coverage according to the conditions for the transfer transaction) are available.

If the terms of execution pursuant to sentence 1 exist, the Bank will execute the online banking orders in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant order type (eg conditions for the transfer transaction, conditions for the securities transaction).

If the terms of execution according to paragraph 2 sentence 1 are not fulfilled, the bank will not execute the online banking order. It will provide the participant with information via online banking and, as far as possible, state the reasons and possibilities with which errors that led to rejection can be corrected.