The Bank shall inform the Account Holder at least once a month about the dispositions made through online banking in the manner agreed for account information.

Due diligence of the participant

Technical connection to online banking

The Participant is obliged to establish the technical connection to OnlineBanking via the online banking access channels (eg Internet address) separately communicated by the Bank. The holder of a payment account and his authorized representative may also initiate the technical connection to online banking by means of a payment initiation service or account information service chosen by him (see point 1, paragraph 1, third sentence) to trigger payment orders and request payment account information.

Secrecy of Personalized Security Features and Secure Storage of Payment Instruments

The participant has

– keep its personalized security features secret as well

– to keep his payment instrument safe from access by other persons.

Because any other person in possession of the payment instrument, in conjunction with the knowledge of the associated Personalized Security Feature, may misuse the online banking process.

Conditions for online banking manually

The obligation to maintain confidentiality with respect to the Personalized Security Features set out in the first sentence shall not apply to the holder of a payment account and his authorized representatives to payment initiation services and account information services who trigger payment orders through a payment initiation service or request payment account information through an account information service.

In particular, the following must be observed in order to protect the Personalized Security Feature and the payment instrument: The Personalized Security Feature must not be stored electronically in an unsecured manner.

a) When entering the Personalized Security Feature, ensure that other persons can not spy on it.

b) The Personalized Security Feature may not be disclosed by e-mail or other means of telecommunication.

c) The personalized security feature (eg PIN) must not be kept together with the payment instrument.

d) The participant may authorize z. For example, you can not use more than one TAN for a job, or to lift a lock.

e) In the smsTAN procedure, the device used to receive the TAN (eg mobile phone) may not be used for online banking.

Security instructions of the bank

The participant must observe the bank’s safety instructions for OnlineBanking, in particular the measures for the protection of the hardware and software (customer system) used.

Control of order data with data displayed by the bank. Insofar as the bank indicates to the subscriber data from its online banking order (eg amount, account number of the payee, securities identification number) in the customer system or via another device of the subscriber (eg mobile phone, chip card reader with display) for confirmation, the participant is obliged to verify the conformity of the displayed data with the data provided for the transaction before the confirmation. If deviations are found, the transaction must be terminated.

Notification and notification duties

lock indicator

(1) If the Participant determines the loss or theft of the Payment Instrument, the misuse or other unauthorized use of its payment instrument or any of its Personalized Security Features, the Participant must promptly notify the Bank thereof (Block Indicator). The participant can give the bank a lock indication at any time also over a separately communicated telephone number.

(2) The participant must immediately report any theft or misuse to the police.

(3) If the Participant has the suspicion that another person has acquired – without authorization – the possession of his payment instrument or the knowledge of his Personalized Security Feature, or – uses the Payment Instrument or the Personalized Security Feature, he must also issue a Block Notification.

Notification of unauthorized or incorrectly executed orders

The Account / Depot Owner must notify the Bank immediately upon discovery of an unauthorized or incorrectly executed order.

Terms lock

Block at the request of the participant

The bank locks at the instigation of the participant, especially in the case of the lock indicator,

– online banking access for him or for all participants or

– his payment instrument.

Block at the instigation of the bank

The bank may block the online banking access for a participant if

– it is entitled to terminate the Online Banking Agreement for good cause,

– substantive reasons relating to the security of the payment instrument or the Personalized Security Feature justify this, or

– there is a suspicion of unauthorized or fraudulent use of the payment instrument.

The bank will inform the account / securities account holder, stating the relevant reasons, if possible before, but at the latest immediately after the block.