Online Banking as an Example of Successful Payment Solutions

The most successful products offered in any sphere of living allow making complicated processes simpler. Home appliances, delivery services, electronic queues, digitalization of document turnover, and many other technology achievements allow consumers to save time and spend it either for self-development or for joy. As the result, each day companies work to improve the service and offer their clients something, which could make cooperation easier and more convenient. One of the examples of such improvements is online banking or as it’s also called e-banking. There’s no modern bank that would not offer such a product to clients, thus today you can find corporative and cooperative online banking or applications for individuals. Why does it considered being one of the most successful payment solutions and what’re the reasons for such huge popularity all over the world?

Perspectives of the E-Banking as a Payment Instrument

Being a relatively new tool online banking develops in a fast manner and improves the services provided via it. It’s mainly achieved via the focus done on the following criteria.

Security & Trust

According to the researches provided for developed countries, more than 70% of bank clients trust their banks, thus, they suppose that any service, provided by their banks in the office or internet, is secure. The same relates to cooperative online banking, as well as to private or governmental. The security standards and legislation are common for them all.

Convenience and Fast Processing

The convenience of the electronic payments systems is explained by remote access to any type of personal accounts and functions. This option allows performing operations at any time from any location. No more physical servicing required, especially when it comes to standard or routine operations.

At the same time, this type of payment instrument is continuously improved. Recently the option to make payments with smartphones or watches appeared, and the average time for the operation processing is several minutes instead of several hours, which still was a good time several years ago.

Electronic Payments Systems Make Shopping Accessible

International shopping had several limitations, as it was impossible to pay for shopping to the foreign supplier in case he hadn’t specific service agreement with his client’s bank. Considering the number of operating banks, where even cooperative online banking is a usual tool, there were common cases when the purchasing couldn’t be completed. Happily, payment instrument providers found the decision and developed for suppliers specific type of contract signing of which allows operations with several thousand banks in different countries.

Considering that any household or business activity is often supported with cash transfers the e-banking has a vast perspective in future years to become an integral part of the daily activity of every individual. But what does it bring to users?

Advantages of Being a User of Online Banking Applications

The number of electronic payments systems users continuously grows. It shows that everybody finds significant benefits from e-banking, and the number of such benefits frequently grows with technological development.

No Need in Bank Office for the Majority of Daily Activities

Having access to personal banking in the smartphone or browsers brings lots of conveniences:

  • There’s no need to spend time and physically go to the office, wait in queues, and make requests to clients’ manager;
  • The most convenient function of an online payment instrument provided by banks is an option to create a payment template. For example, paying utility bills becomes much easier, when all the payment requisites are saved in the program. 
  • Another useful option is to set automatic recurring payments, so there will be no risk to forget to settle the mortgage payment or any other loan.
  • No need to collect all the supporting documentation. Checks are stored on the online repository and clients have access to it 24/7.


Connection to e-banking allows to have access to the transaction history any time and from any location. It shows successful and pending operations, helps to identify any unusual transitions and fraud, and to control expenses.

Quick Money Transfer

It’s a common situation when the person has several accounts in the same bank, for example, a current account, a credit account, and an account for savings. Thus, cases when the money transfer between these accounts is required frequently appear. Using e-banking it is possible to perform operations in several minutes with no need to communicate with a personal manager or visiting the office. A little bit longer will be performed operations for money transfer in case they are done between accounts of different banks, but it is still very convenient.

Access from the smartphone

The majority of banks have developed the mobile app, which allows managing cash operations even with no access to a PC or laptop. Thus, it became possible to check account balance, make money transfers, order electronic receipts at any time and from any location.

Additional Tools

As was mentioned at the beginning of this article, the wide list of popular apps consists mostly of those which were created with the aim to make life better or simpler. Some of these apps help controlling expenses and watch over the cash spend during periods or for some specific category. E-banking allows to synchronize data, so users are not required to make it manually. In such a way household budgeting becomes easier and more efficient.


Even if there’re still people, who prefer to make bank operations in a conservative way and don’t like the idea of using electronic payments systems, it seems the future will be merciless to them. Technologies regularly offer innovative decisions and no doubt the paper money will become archaic rudiment very soon. Happily, the benefits and advantages provided by the current e-banking service mitigate all possible inconveniences from future changes.